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Our Computing Curriculum

At Barnwell Academy, computing is taught to promote children to think in both a logical and creative way to solve problems and understand the world in which we live. At the core of computing is computer science within which children apply the knowledge they have gained in a practical way using programming.

Computing is taught weekly and is taught using a coherently planned and logical sequence of planning. The curriculum is progressive and is designed to help children build upon their knowledge and apply it confidently in a range of contexts throughout their primary education. This is intended to provide children with the skills they need and be well equipped to build on these in both secondary education and in the future workplace.

 At the heart of our computing curriculum is the cultivation of a breadth and depth of knowledge about understanding how digital systems work and becoming digitally literate. Children are supported in developing their analytical and evaluative skills through analysing problems and applying their skills practically to create and improve computer programs. Throughout our curriculum, the importance of being responsible users of digital technology and being discerning in evaluating digital content is prevalent.

It is our belief that the aspirations for every child must be high in order for our children to enjoy the best possible outcomes following their primary education in computing. This will equip our children to succeed in a digital world beyond primary education and thrive in an ever-changing future workplace.


At Barnwell Academy we use the software Purple Mash to support the delivery of our curriculum. To access this from home click below.