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Class 1

Welcome to Year 1!

 We really enjoyed practicing and performing our "Bumper Harvest" family assembly. We told the story of The Little Red Hen and the Gingerbread Man. Miss Trueman and Mrs Orchard were extremely proud. We hope you enjoyed it too!





In Design and Technology, we made our own fruit smoothies. First, we explored different tastes to help us decide which ingredients to use. We then chose 2 different fruits to use in our smoothies and we blended them together with yoghurt. They were delicious!





In Maths we have been looking at place value. We have been finding out how many tens and units are in a range of different 2 digit numbers. 





In History we have been learning about toys. We were able to explore a range of toys from different periods throughout history and we compared them to the toys we play with today. Although we had lots of fun, we definitely preferred the toys we have now!




In RE we visited St John's Evangelical Church to watch "The Bible Comes Alive." The members of the church acted out different Bible stories from the New Testament. We really enjoyed it. There was a little quiz at the end so we could show how much we had learnt and we even got juice and biscuits!




In Maths we have been using a range of different practical and mental strategies to add and subtract numbers. 




We have been learning what Russia is like during the Winter. It is extremely cold and the people wear different furs to keep warm. As a class, we created a winter picture of St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. We each created a small part of the cathedral and then put them all together to make a big picture. We hope you like the finished product!



We really enjoyed working with Year 2 to take part in "A Magical Christmas Journey." We worked really hard to learn all of our lines and we loved singing the songs. We hope our performance got you in the Christmas spirit!





Our theme this half term is China. In English we have read a range of Chinese tales including The Magic Paintbrush and the The Willow Pattern Story. In Geography we investigated the different human and physical features you can find and compared the climate in China to the climate in the UK. To celebrate Chinese New Year we cooked our own Chinese feast. With the help of our teachers, we made vegetable noodles, egg fried rice and prawn crackers. We also watched a traditional Chinese Dragon Dance.  





In Computing we have been creating our own e books. We have drawn and animated our own characters. Our next step is to add sound to our books. We can't wait to share them with you when they are finished!




In Science we have been learning about the properties of different materials. For this task, we were given a range of different materials and as a group, we needed to decide how to sort them. We were able to share our ideas and most importantly listen to each other in order to work as a team and complete our job. 




In Maths we have been testing our problem solving skills. We had to use our knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes to predict which shape towers would stand tall and which would fall. 




As a Valentines Day treat we made heart shaped jam tarts with Mrs Orchard.  We helped to roll out the pastry, used the cutters to create a heart shape and we then added the jam. They were delicious!



To celebrate World Book Day we decorated a chair with pictures from our favourite book,The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have put the chair in our book corner to use when we are sharing our other favourite stories with each other. 
As part of our World Book Day celebrations we also had a pirate day! We dressed up with pirate hats and even had a visit from a real pirate! Captain Raggy Beard shared a range of pirate stories with us.