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Welcome to Nursery

We are so proud of how well Nursery have settled this year. We have made lots of new friends and enjoyed exploring our classroom. 

All About Me


 We looked into a mirror and painted our self-portraits to learn about ourselves.

We also made memory boxes and spoke about our families and memories. 


Squiggle While We Wiggle




 Nursery love Squiggle While We Wiggle. We put on some music, use our scarves to do big arm movements and dance then we draw our dance. This helps us to develop our gross motor skills which will support us in writing. 


Icing Owls  


      We made Owls from icing by using our Dough Disco moves. We rolled it into a ball and used scissors to snip in the owls wings. We rolled another piece to make the head and used a playdough tool to indent some eyes, ears and a beak.  Then we painted melted chocolate on to the tree to stick the owl down. We had a little chocolate button as a treat once we were finished, it was yummy to eat. 





Memory Boxes 

We have enjoyed sharing photos and talking about our family.

We have shared memories with our teachers and our friends then we made a memory box to capture our special moments and the people who are special to us.  

We love to look at them on the board in our classroom. 




We have been exploring the season of Autumn using our senses. We went on an Autumn Walk to find treasures. We found lots of colourful leaves that had fallen from the trees. We found conkers and acorns. Some of the conkers were in their shells and they were very spikey. We listened to a story about a hedgehog called Ned and found out that hedgehogs collect lots of food and leaves ready to sleep throughout Winter.




We also explored pumpkins using our senses. We used our noses to smell it.

'It smells sweet.'

We pulled the insides out and separated the seeds. 

'Its sticky and gooey.'

We had so much fun then we put in our garden for the animals to enjoy.   



Maths - Pattern 

In Maths, we have been looking at pattern. We read 'Hippo has a hat' and found lots of different patterns such as spotty, stripey, square pattern and flower pattern. We enjoyed using the elephants to create AB patterns and we even worked together to continue our patterns. 



To celebrate Halloween, we read 'What's in the Witch's Kitchen?'. We acted the story out using props in our play. We loved making potions in our garden. 


We then made special potions and listened to it fizz, crack and pop!



This week we have been learning about Superheroes and how they help people. 

Our focus book is called 'Supertato' and an evil character called Evil Pea escaped from the freezer and wrapped some vegetables up. We searched for the Evil Peas and when we found him we used our gross motor skills to mash them into mushy peas.