Year 6


Welcome to Class 6!



(Autumn 1)


Out of this world!


In our theme of 'Out of this world!' we've thoroughly enjoyed:

  • Learning about and tracking the ISS as well as writing a fictional diary entry
  • Using watercolour and distance effects to create alien landscapes
  • Investigating, researching and arguing the respective points for the Heliocentric and Geocentric theories
  • Writing free verse poetry about the wonders of the universe.
  • Using chalk and paint effects to create nebular art.
  • Designing and constructing rockets
  • Researching the history of space travel


...and much more!

Picture 1Alien Landscape Watercolours
Picture 2Alien Landscape Watercolours
Picture 3Heliocentric or Geocentric?
Picture 4Heliocentric or Geocentric?
Picture 5Deep Space Free Verse Poetry
Picture 6Deep Space Free Verse Poetry
Picture 7Nebular Art
Picture 8Nebular Art