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School Houses

In Year Six, as part of the additional responsibilities given to the children, are the roles of House Captains and Vice House Captains. These are very important roles in school and the children have to apply in writing, if they wish to be considered for the posts. The children make a speech at the first house assembly in September and are voted in by their house peers.

House Captains and Vice House Captains are expected to set an example to younger children, to embody the school values and contribute to the wider community.

They help the younger children, both in the classroom and at playtimes. They play a pivotal role in special days and themed weeks, assisting the staff in their planned activities. They also help with school events such as Harvest Festival, Christmas, coffee mornings and fundraising activities.

Each year we have three House Captains and three Vice House Captains. They lead our Houses Pegasus, Gryphon and Phoenix.  This year they are:

Houses 2018-2019


  • Phoenix House Captain: Ruby Bell
  • Phoenix Vice House Captain: Sam Ogle


  • Gryphon House Captain: Katie Stokes
  • Gryphon Vice House Captain: Rebecca Tait


  • Pegasus House Captain: Charlie Newman
  • Pegasus Vice House Captain: Blake Simpson


Weekly House Winner 2018-2019


  • 14th September                                                Pheonix
  • 21st September                                                 Gryphon
  • 28th September                                               Pegasus
  • 5th October                                                       Pheonix
  • 12th October                                                      Gryphon
  • 29th October                                                     Gryphon
  • 5th November                                                  Pegasus
  • 12th November                                                 Pheonix
  • 19th November                                                 Gryphon
  • 26th November                                                Gryphon
  • 3rd December                                                  Gryphon
  • 7th January                                                        Pegasus
  • 14th January                                                       Pegasus
  • 21st January                                                       Pheonix
  • 28th January                                                     Gryphon
  • 4th February                                          Gryphon and Pheonix
  • 11th February                                                     Gryphon
  • 25th February                                                    Pheonix
  • 4th March                                                            Gryphon
  • 11th March                                                             Pegasus
  • 18th March                                                            Pegasus
  • 25th March                                                          Pegasus
  • 26th April                                                              Pheonix
  • 3rd May                                                                Pheonix
  • 10th May                                                                Gryphon
  • 17th May                                                                 Gryphon
  • 25th May                                                              Pegasus
  • 10th June                                          Pegasus, Pheonix, Gryphon
  • 17th June                                                              Gryphon
  • 25th June                                                            Gryphon
  • 5th July                                                                Gryphon
  • 12th July                                                               Pheonix


 House Winners 2017-2018   Gryphon